Telling us of absences

We believe that the sooner we’re involved and can help arrange suitable rehabilitation support for an absent employee, the more likely they are to return to work.

Our  PDF file: Group income protection guide to managing absences PDF size: 1.8MB  is designed to help you, when an employee being covered is absent long term.

  1. The support we provide

    Our proposition encourages early notification of absence and where appropriate can be followed by extensive rehabilitation, with the entire process managed by a team of experienced benefit managers. For eligible employers, they can join our early notification bonus scheme where we incentivise with cash back of up to 5%, to make us aware of certain absences within specified timescales. More details about the scheme can be found in our  PDF file: Group income protection early notification bonus brochure PDF size: 413KB . Where an eligible employee can't return to work after the deferred period, our Making a Claim page details our process to begin benefits payments.

  2. How we're different

    Where appropriate we could pay for rehabilitation from as early as week six which we believe, can be the tipping point for getting employees back to work.

  3. You need to know

    We'll continue to provide cover and pay any valid claims as long as the employee meets the definition of incapacity that are set out in the policy and there are no outstanding premiums.