How to make a claim

Payment is usually made within five working days from acceptance of the claim.

The claims process for the Ill Health Early Retirement Benefit policy is summarised below:

1. Complete assessment

You complete an assessment to determine if the member qualifies for ill health early retirement under the rules of your pension scheme.

2. Confirm early retirement

The member is offered and agrees to take early retirement.

3. Submit claim

You submit a claim form (1.1mb pdf) within 90 days of your decision to retire the employee due to ill health.

4. Claim assessed

We will assess your claim and may need to ask for additional information.

5. Benefit paid for eligible claims

  • We’ll pay the benefit if the member meets our definition of permanent incapacity under the policy.
  • We aim to pay eligible claims within five working days of us receiving all the required information.

For further details of the claims process, please see our  PDF file: Ill health early retirement benefit technical guide PDF size: 773KB .

There is no limit to the number of claims while the policy is in force, but sometimes the policy may limit the total value of claims resulting from one catastrophic event. If this is the case full details will be provided in our quotation. Our technical guide (756kb pdf) helps explain what we would categorise as a catastrophe.