07 September 2016

Workplace savings - addition of mixed investment funds

In April we told you about the launch of 'Workplace Savings', a solution designed to provide your employees with access to our range of competitively low-charged collective investment funds.

We are now pleased to announce that we have introduced six additional mixed investment funds to the existing Workplace Savings range, taking the total number of available funds up to 32.

All 32 Workplace Savings funds can be purchased directly or wrapped within a stocks and shares ISA.

Mixed investment funds

The mixed investment funds are part of our popular multi-asset range. These are funds that invest in other funds or a mix of shares, bonds and cash, all in one simple investment. Multi-asset funds are an alternative to investing in many different funds across different sectors, markets, and countries.

Key Investor Information for each of the new mixed investment funds is provided via the following links:

Mixed Investment 0-20% Fund (PDF: 488KB)

Mixed Investment 0-35% Fund (PDF: 488KB)

Mixed Investment 20-60% Fund (PDF: 488KB)

Mixed Investment 40-85% Fund (PDF: 488KB)

Mixed Investment Income 0-35% Fund (PDF: 488KB)

Mixed Investment Income 20-60% Fund (PDF: 488KB)

A reminder of our Workplace Savings solution

  • There are no platform charge or setup fees, just a simple, easy to understand ongoing fund charge.
  • Our collective investment funds are competitively low-charged, with the fund Ongoing Charges Figures (OCF) ranging from 0.30% - 1.35%, depending on the investment chosen.
  • It's available to employers that have either already established or, are in the process of implementing, their workplace pension scheme with us.
  • Employees do not need to be an active member of your pension scheme to apply; both your employees and their spouse/registered civil partners can take advantage of the offer.
  • Minimum investment from £50 per month by direct debit and/or lump sums of at least £500.
  • Online access is available to view workplace savings investments alongside any other Legal & General policies that might be held.
  • ISA transfers from other providers are also available to allow your employees to make the most of the offering.

Download the Workplace Savings ISA and Collective Investments Fund Information Sheet for a list of the available funds and their charges.

Lifetime ISA

We are committed to delivering products to meet our customers saving and investing needs and are waiting for the Treasury to release the final details about the Lifetime ISA to help aide our development plans. We will share our plans with you as soon as we can.

If Workplace Savings may be of interest to your employees, please get in touch with your usual financial adviser for more information.

  • Please remember the value of an investment and any income from it may fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed.
  • Customers may get back less than they invest.
  • Recommended investment period: medium to long term, ideally five years or more.
  • The tax efficiency of ISAs is based on current rules. The current tax situation may not be maintained. The benefit of the tax treatment depends on individual circumstances.