19 December 2016

Improvements to the retirement planner

We're delighted to announce that we've added pre-population to the capabilities of our Retirement Planner, together with mobile optimisation of the tool.

Pre-population of user details

The planning tool helps workplace pension scheme members to:

  • Project the size of their pension pot at their selected retirement date
  • Calculate the level of income they'll need to maintain their desired standard of living
  • Explore the options for taking their money.

The updated tool will automatically populate the following plan details when users access the tool through Manage Your Account:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Planned retirement age
  • Value of pension pot
  • The percentage of their salary they contribute to the plan each month
  • Their investment strategy

We believe pre-population will significantly enrich our customer experience as it will make the user journey through the planner much shorter and pre-fills user's plan information that they would normally have to have at hand prior to using the planner.

Members need to register for Manage Your Account if they haven't done so, in order to be able to take advantage of pre-population.

Mobile optimisation

Alongside the delivery of pre-population, we've also taken the opportunity to improve the Retirement Planner by mobile optimising the tool, making it accessible across all devices.


In addition, we've delivered another enhancement which now allows users to add in any Defined Benefit pension amount so that it is reflected in their potential retirement income.

Encouraging members to engage with their retirement planning through our online services is a fundamental piece of our Workplace digital strategy. We believe delivering these enhancements will be another step forward to help us to achieve our vision.