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Servicing your pension

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What can I do with my pension?

Find out which options may be available to you and how you can top-up, transfer or change your contributions.

Accessing your pension pot

There's now more flexibility for anyone over 55 to access their 'defined contribution' pension pots. We've put together some information to help you understand the options available.

Pension questions

Read our answers to commonly asked questions about pensions. Find out how to change your contributions or make a transfer, for example.

Jargon buster

To help you review and understand your pension, we've explained some of the most commonly used words, including newer terms you might have seen used following the Government's pension reform. The tax information we provide is based on our understanding of current tax law and could change.

Review your finances

Do you think you might have pensions with other companies or employers? Find out who they are and chase them up for information. The Pension Tracing Service, run by the Government, may also be able to help you. 


The Money Advice Service's calculator helps you work out how much retirement income you could get.

How to get more information about pensions

There are various other sources of useful information about pensions.