We are delighted that your pension scheme trustees have selected us to look after your pension benefits and would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a Legal & General customer.

In the last thirty years we have helped over three thousand pension schemes and half a million members through the process of transferring their benefits to us and you will be looked after by our expert teams.

We understand that you will naturally have some questions and you can find information about what happens next below.

I'm currently receiving my pension benefits

You will continue to receive you pension benefits as normal.

We’ll be sending you a personalised forecast statement setting out your pension benefits and when they’ll be paid before the first pension payment is made by L&G.

Remember to keep us informed of any changes to your circumstances, such as changes to your name, address, or bank details, especially if you have a spouse or dependant’s pension. It is very important that we have up-to-date information about you.

I'm not yet receiving my pension benefits

We’re working closely with the Trustees of your pension scheme to make sure we’ve all the details of the benefits due to you from the scheme.

Once we’ve all the details, we’ll issue a Policy Document to you which will include all the information of your pension benefits. This process can take a little time but please be assured that we’ll be in touch in due course.

Keeping you informed

We issue letters when you are approaching your 50th, 55th and 60th birthdays to make sure we don’t lose contact with you prior to your retirement. We automatically issue a retirement quotation if you have not taken your pension benefit at your normal retirement age.

We’ll contact you again at age 70 and 74 if you still haven’t taken your retirement benefits.

If we do lose contact with you we may ask the Department of Work and Pensions to forward a letter to you asking you to contact us.

You can request a quote or transfer quote at any time. Please note that transfer quotes are valid for 3 months only and if your transfer value is more than £30,000 you’ll need to seek independent financial advice when considering a transfer.

If you require a transfer quote for divorce purposes please let us know at the time of your request.