The following provides you with some support information designed to help you login into the L&G network across the different business entities.

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  • The references to “LGIM” and “LGAS” above relate to the infrastructure you use and logon to, not what business unit you work for
  • If your primary email is then you are “LGAS”
  • If it is or then you are “LGIM”
  • EVERYDAYMATTERS and BYOD SSID’s still exist but are replaced by MYTECHBYOD.   Use this for any guest/internet wi-fi access
  • The reason why MYTECHCORP shouldn’t be used by “LGAS” users in 1CS is due to the current clash of IP addresses used by the LGAS and LGIM Zscaler tenants.  This will be resolved with the Zscaler Unified Tenant implementation