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Here’s everything you need to know about our attendance at BIBA this year. Drop by and see us at stand D41.  

Leading the way

We’re looking forward to attending BIBA again this year – building upon the success from the last few years and continuing to demonstrate that brokers are at the very heart of what we do. With this year’s event just around the corner, we’re certain that a hot topic of conversation, as ever, will be the way in which the world is rapidly changing and how the insurance industry is responding.

The theme of this year’s BIBA conference is leading the way. We’ve recognised the need to innovate is key to meeting the changing needs of customers, who now expect simple, easy-to-use processes from their insurer on any device, anywhere, at any time, day or night.

Fundamental to our proposition is the support that we are giving customers in the event of a claim, with this in mind we’ll be talking about SmartClaim our new innovative digital claims service.

The annual BIBA conference provides a fantastic platform to discuss this changing world with the wide network of brokers who attend, and each year we look forward to catching up. So come and see us at stand D41  - and enjoy a great cocktail too.

SmartClaim: the digital answer to improving our customer claims process

In an increasingly digital world, we recognise the need for a more efficient and easy-to-use claims process. Customers’ needs are changing, and they now expect solutions that make their lives more straightforward. That’s why we launched SmartClaim, a digital service that aims to improve the customer claims journey for home insurance. SmartClaim is constantly evolving and is currently available for the majority of contents claims.

Our insurTech solution brings claims into the 21st century by allowing customers to register certain claims in minutes at any time of the day using an intuitive chatbot app that can be accessed through their computer, tablet, phone. To begin the claims process, customers simply need to upload a photo of the item if damaged or proof of purchase or ownership if lost or stolen. This reduces the need for customers to speak directly to a claims manager, allowing for a more streamlined and convenient journey.

SmartClaim uses digital technology to address two key issues head on. The first is the time-consuming process of reporting claims over the phone and through seemingly endless form-filling, which can be frustrating for customers. The second is fraudulent claims, claims exaggeration, and over valuation, which are responsible for driving up all insurers’ claims ratios, making insurance more expensive and ultimately costing customers millions each year.

Today’s firms know that the claim is the moment of truth for a customer – it’s essentially when they see the true value of a home insurance policy. Customers that enjoy a smooth, convenient claims process are much more likely to be retained, but the traditional paperwork and telephone involved in making a claim can make it hard for insurers to provide this. In fact, these outdated ways of working are completely at odds with a world that increasingly chooses to interact with businesses, friends, and family using a mobile device.

Similarly, fraudulent claims and claims inflation are unfair to insurers, brokers and honest customers, since they drive up costs for all. Many processes exist to help uncover such deceptions, but they too add to an already-cumbersome claims reporting and approval journey, and therefore to both time and cost. About 113,000 detected fraudulent UK claims in 2017 were valued at £1.3 billion, according to the ABI, but many, many more went undetected. SmartClaim has built in API’s designed to improve fraud detection.

Not only is SmartClaim bringing registering and processing claims into the modern era, but it is hugely benefitting our customers. In fact as of April 2019, 82% of contents claims were started through the SmartClaim chatbot and it has reduced the average claims processing time which means some less complex claims can be settled quicker.

Through SmartClaim, we aim to not only offer a simplified and more convenient claims journey, but also to make life easier and safer for our customers while giving you the confidence in our claims service.

For more information on SmartClaim, please speak to your Legal & General Account Manager.

Who will be there and other useful information

Come and visit the L&G Team on Stand D41 and join us for a juice or a cocktail. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions about SmartClaim, our innovative, digital claims service and while we’re talking about technology, step into our booth and create your own GIF.


Also on our stand this year, chances to win Legal & General umbrella’s across the two days. Now that’s something to make you smile. 

#GIFyourself #SmartClaim

Meet the team

Whether there’s a member of our team that you’d specifically like to chat to or if you’d just like to find out more about working with us or say hello, we’d love to see you.

Here’s who you’ll find on our stand this year:


Name Job title Days attending
 Simon Hird  Director – Broker and Intermediary  Wednesday and Thursday
 Jennie Hill  Distribution Director  Wednesday
 Darryl Francis  Insurance Account Manager  Wednesday and Thursday
 Darren Prior  Insurance Account Manager  Wednesday and Thursday
 Lesley Nicholson   Insurance Account Manager  Wednesday and Thursday
 Tom Isaacson   Insurance Account Manager  Wednesday and Thursday
 James Jevons   Telephone Account Manager  Wednesday and Thursday
 Andrew Kealing  Business Development Director   Wednesday and Thursday
 Barclay Sansom  Account Relationship Manager  Wednesday and Thursday
 Chad Robertson  Pricing Manager  Wednesday and Thursday
 Connie Beasley   Head of Claims  Wednesday and Thursday
 Lindsay Millership  Marketing Manager  Wednesday and Thursday
 Katy Beech  Marketing Campaign Manager  Wednesday and Thursday