Sarah's Story

Sarah's Story video

Sarah shares her household claims experience, highlighting the need for household insurance.


We had a house fire that started in our chimney. We do have a log-burner, so it was a bit of a strange one really, because obviously you're not expecting it with an open fire, you can see what is going on, and I was just in the lounge one Sunday with the children, it was just us at home.

All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, we were watching TV and I just started to see these drops coming out, so I just went up to the fireplace and just literally just peered up and all I could see is just flames everywhere.

It is amazing how quickly it just engulfed in smoke in the lounge. It just literally took over. The fire brigade came, it took them probably four or five hours to put the actual fire out. It was a Sunday, so couldn’t really sort of speak to anybody or do anything, so my husband had to stay in the house. The fire brigade wanted someone there all night in case it caught fire again.

The next day he came and picked me up, we left the children with my parents for a few hours and came back here to sort of figure out, right, okay, we obviously need to speak to our insurance company to let them know what has happened.

Yes, you're a little bit apprehensive when you first make that call and you're like, what are they going to ask me? What if I don’t know the answers? What if I can't provide receipts for things that I have got in my house and I have had in my house for years, and how am I going to prove that that has been damaged or needs to be replaced? You do feel a little bit like, uh, this is just going to be really hard work. We can't live in our house. We are going to have to go live in a hotel. You just instantly think the worst, I think you just fear that it is just going to be so difficult, and we were completely proved wrong.

I felt that they were genuinely concerned about our wellbeing. The first question they ask is, ‘Before we go into any detail, was anybody hurt? Is everybody okay?’ It just instantly put you at ease that they were a human at the end of the line and they wanted to talk to you, they wanted to resolve everything that had happened and they were there to support you and deal with anything that needed to be done.

They were sorting out the loss adjustor to come and see us, talked us through the whole process of what was going to happen stage-by-stage and that literally… that is exactly what happened. So everything that they said to us, ‘This is going to happen then, this will happen at the next stage’, they kept us completely informed throughout the whole process, we never had to phone and chase them and find out where is our claim up to, what is going to be happening next. It was just all done for us.

After the claim actually went through, I just… I felt relieved and reassured. It was obviously an awful experience to have to go through, and as I say, it could be so much worse, but it was the relief afterwards that happened and that the process was so simple.

I still talk to people about it all the time, always highly recommend Legal & General. Lots of people have horror stories, but mine is only positive. I wouldn’t hesitate in picking up the phone to them and talking anything through. They couldn’t have done any more for us, they really couldn’t have.

You need to have insurance in your life. It is just something you have to have. There is no point not having it. If we didn’t have it and the scenario that we were in, I mean, I dread to think… but it certainly gives you complete peace of mind should the unthinkable happen that you're protected, the insurance policy pays when you need it to.

I have great comfort in knowing that I have my house insured with Legal & General, you just have got to pick the right company, haven’t you, and I was fortunate enough to do that.