Additional cover options

For added peace of mind, your customers can choose to tailor their policy to suit their circumstances with our optional cover, available for an additional premium.

1. Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee

What would your customer do if their tenant absconded without paying their rent? Would they be able to afford the mortgage payments on their let property as well as their own?

Our additional option provides cover for irrecoverable costs and fees to pursue or defend claims in breach of tenancy agreement and unpaid rent for in excess of one month and up to 12 months.

Squatters Cover is for the negotiation of your customer's legal rights to evict squatters.

2. Accidental Damage and Malicious Damage by Tenant Cover

Who knows what accidents could happen or what damage could be maliciously caused by a tenant when your customers let their property? This covers against accidental damage and malicious damage by tenants and can help your customers put everything back to normal.

What’s covered?


Your customer will be covered for accidental and malicious damage to their let property’s

  • Building structure and;
  • Fixed fittings (such as fitted wardrobes) 


Accidental damage and malicious damage by tenants is covered as standard under the contents section.

Please be aware, this cover will not apply in certain circumstances. For example, if any of the tenants in the property are students or where satisfactory credit references have not been obtained.

Important Information

Please note that Landlord’s Insurance is designed to cover unforeseen events and doesn’t cover everything. For full details, please read the Insurance Product Information Document and policy booklet, which can be found in the Key Documents section.