Retaininig your rainbow customers

Your business matters to us. That’s why we have our retention scheme in place – to keep the quality business coming back, time and time again.

We're pleased to let you know that we're continuing our 2016 retention scheme into 2017.

This information is correct as of January 2017. Please note, unless otherwise notified this scheme will finish on 31 December 2017. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw this scheme at any time.

In order to retain a renewal, you may apply a discretionary reduction provided:

  • The risk meets certain claims criteria (see table below for details)
  • The risk is not flagged as a ‘refer’ or ‘decline’
  • Minimum premiums are maintained
  • The reduction is based on number of claim free years, NOT the number of years no claims discount your customer has with us.
Number of claim-free years Discount available
Up to 4 years NI
4 years 5%
5 years or more 7.5%

Please consider the following important points before applying a reduction:

  • This facility is designed to help you renew policies with us that would otherwise lapse and be placed with an alternative insurer. It is not an automatic discount that can be applied to all renewals.
  • Ensure that you consider like for like cover and your customers' needs when comparing our quote against other insurers. Where possible, please retain evidence of like for like quotes from other insurers.
  • This facility only applies to Legal & General Rainbow Home Insurance renewals.