Bicycle Insurance

Cycling seems to have never been more popular, with people using bikes to get to work, to help keep in shape, or simply for the sheer pleasure of riding.

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However, there's a problem that comes with this popularity – theft. The latest figures show that 315,000 bike theft incidents were recorded between April 18 and March 19, so, what can you do about it? Two things – you can make sure you insure your bike under your Home Insurance (please note we don't sell bicycle insurance as separate cover) and you can take precautions to try to frustrate the thieves.

We offer two kinds of cover for your bicycle:

Bicycles in the home cover
We can help provide bike owners with some peace of mind with cycle insurance. Both our Gold Contents Insurance and Silver Contents Insurance include cover for bicycles in the home, which also includes any garages or domestic outbuildings, with the condition that it only applies if force and violence have been used to gain entry to your home.

Additional Cover
Our Additional Cover Options include Personal Possessions, which offers Bicycle cover away from the home. This provides cover for loss or damage up to £6,000, or £500 per bicycle unless the bicycle is individually specified, complete with make, model and frame number. You can add Personal Possessions to both our Gold and Silver Contents Insurance policies.

Limitations and exclusions apply. Please see the Policy Booklet for details.

Make life difficult for thieves

Though it’s always good to have the reassurance of knowing your bike is covered if the worst happens, it goes without saying it’s best to do all you can to avoid having to make a claim. The Police offer the following advice on steps you can take to keep your bike as secure as possible:

  • Get a good bike lock.(we require certain types of lock depending on the value of your bicycle)
  • Lock your bike to something secure, even when you’re just popping in somewhere, and try to leave it in a place where it, and any thief, can be seen. Take your lights with you, and makes sure any detachable parts, like the wheels and saddle, are also locked up.
  • Have your bike's frame security-marked or engraved.
  • Keep a colour photograph of your bike where its details can be clearly seen, and also write a description, including any unique features, to help with its identification.
  • At home, keep your bike in a secure garage or shed and keep the door locked.

Find out more about our Gold and Silver Home Insurance.


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