Completing your Home Insurance quote online

Want to know about how to get a quote online for your Home Insurance? We've got 5 tips to help you and all you need to know about the quote process.

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More people are going online to compare and purchase home Buildings and Contents Insurance these days, as the appeal of online shopping grows. There are many reasons as to why people who start to fill in an online form may abandon the process before completion such as, complicated drop-down menus, unclear questions and no helpline number can put off some people completing their application’

We want our customers to be able to easily access a quote, so we've created a checklist below to help you stay the course and make sure you're financially protected should the worst happen.

With our Gold and Silver Home Insurance, your home will be protected from things such as fire, storm, flood and theft.

We also offer cover for your personal items that you’d normally wear or take with you, when you’re outside of your home, like valuable items, mobile phones, the contents of your handbag and personal money – for an additional premium, Personal Possessions cover can be added to your policy as an additional option.

Limitations and exclusions apply. Please see the Insurance Product Information Documents and the Policy Booklet in the Key Documents section.

5 handy tips to get an online Home Insurance quote

  • Before you start the quote process, have a clear idea about what insurance you've had before (if any) and what your needs are now. It’s good to know things like how much contents cover you’ve had previously and to have a general idea of what you want from your policy.
  • Understanding what kind of financial protection you’re looking for, will help you work out what Home Insurance you need. You can choose our Gold cover, which includes Accidental Damage, Home Emergency Cover* and Family Legal Protection as standard or our Silver cover, which also includes Home Emergency Cover* as standard. With both our policies you can enhance your cover with our range of Additional Cover Options, such as Valuable items cover or Bicycle cover.
  • Once you've started the process, you can save your quote and come back to it later. There's no need to start again.
  • If you're having problems with any of the fields, or you're not sure what a question means, a quick phone call to one of our advisers should clear things up. Our helpline is: 0800 072 1726 (Monday to Thursday 8am to 8pm, Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm, we may record and monitor calls).
  • Completed your quote? A confirmation email will be sent to you and if you're happy to proceed, you can easily continue to purchase online - quotes are valid for 45 days on the understanding that all your details are correct and do not change.

House Insurance is vital to ensure that you're not financially vulnerable to an event that could damage the structure or contents of your house.

Damage caused by a burst pipe, fire, flood or theft could lead to a cost of hundreds or even thousands of pounds that you’d not budgeted for.

A quote from us should take a matter of minutes, for peace of mind that will last all year.

*Tenants are not eligible for Home Emergency Cover

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