SmartQuote busts the myths about getting a quick Home Insurance quote.

If we asked, we suspect we’d find that one of the main reasons for putting off taking out Home Insurance is the hassle of getting a quote. That’s why we developed SmartQuote, our mobile-friendly online tool that makes the whole process of getting a quote a lot faster and easier.

SmartQuote video

And we thought this was a good opportunity to run through a few of the myths about getting a Home Insurance quote that SmartQuote has put to bed.

Myth 1

I’ll have to answer dozens of difficult questions.
With SmartQuote, there are just five simple questions to answer before we give you a quote for our Home Insurance. Many of the questions you might once have been asked we already have answers to through our partnerships with third parties. They use publicly available information from reliable sources, such as data about the local area and individual properties, to help us to shape a well-informed quote.

Myth 2

I’ll need to have all sorts of obscure information to hand.
It might be a good idea to have details of any previous policies and claims made to refer to, but we won’t be asking any questions about the kind of locks you have or how old the building is. The five questions we ask are, your address, the type of insurance you’re interested in, personal details, your email address, and the hardest one – ‘How many claims have you made in the last five years?’

Myth 3

It takes so much time.
It really doesn’t take long to answer five questions – we think you should be done fairly quickly, So, if you find yourself with a few minutes free, give it a go and you’ll soon be on the way to protecting your home and belongings from the likes of burst pipes, fire, storms, floods and theft.

Plus, it’s no myth that when you use SmartQuote to take out Home Insurance with us, we’ll fix the price for two years and as long as you don't make a claim, your premium won’t increase the first time you renew your cover. T&C's apply.

Fixed Price Terms and Conditions.

If you make a claim before your next renewal, the premium may be adjusted at renewal and the fixed price will end. If you make a change to your policy, e.g. if you move house, add or remove cover, the price may be adjusted to reflect this. The new premium will then be valid for the remainder of the original fixed price period. If there’s a change to Insurance Premium Tax, this will be applied to any premiums you have to pay in line with HMRC requirements.

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