Personal Possessions Cover

You might be surprised by the total value of the things you carry around or have with you on a daily basis.

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The loss, damage or theft of valuables and belongings, while we’re out and about, can cause no end of annoyance or distress – high value items we don’t often think about like jewellery, watches, laptops, clothing and more. And yet, according to Mintel in 2017, only a third of us (31%) have coverage to protect personal possessions away from the home – peace of mind, that for an additional premium can be easily added to our existing Contents Insurance policies.

How much are you carrying around?

Take a moment to make a list of the items in your bag or briefcase. Consider your commute – do you ride a bike to the station? What items do you take with you when you’re overseas on holiday or business? Aside from the stress and inconvenience, how much would it cost you if one or all of these items was lost, damaged or stolen?

Personal Possessions at a glance

Our Personal Possessions add-on covers your belongings both at your home and away from it. And cover away from the home applies anywhere in the UK and abroad. You can choose from:

Our Personal Possessions cover
Cover Away from the home Covers unspecified clothing and possessions you carry with you such as contents of handbags, smart phones and devices, watches and jewellery. The maximum you can claim for any one item is £5,000. We also cover £500 for personal money. 
Valuable items cover  Covers items in and away from the home. You can specify individual items, such as individual items of jewellery valued over £5,000. 
Bicycle cover  Covers you for loss or damage up to £500 per pedal cycle to a maximum of £6,000. We can insure cycles worth more than the limit if you provide us with the make, model and frame number. 

Excess: The excess chosen under Contents cover will also apply to Personal Possessions cover, minimum £150. Limitations and exclusions apply please check our policy booklet for full details.

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