Valuables Insurance

Many of us have items of jewellery or an expensive watch hidden away in a drawer. Find out more about looking after your valuable items.

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Looking after your high value items with Valuables Insurance

No matter how securely you may have these precious items locked up, there’s always that question at the back of your mind about what would happen if you lost them in a burglary.

You can help ease your worries by knowing that if you have our Silver Contents Insurance or our Gold Contents Insurance, these include coverage for high-risk items like jewellery and watches within the home and personal possessions away from the home.

Making sure everything’s secure

There are many precautions you can take to make life as difficult as possible for would be thieves, including:

  • photographing your valuables to help police identify them if they are stolen
  • marking items using a marker only visible under ultraviolet light – many people add their name and post code
  • keeping your jewellery somewhere other than your bedroom – this may be the first place a burglar will look
  • installing CCTV or a burglar alarm as a deterrent.

You can find more on deterring burglars with our help on protecting yourself from theft and home security tips.

The reassurance of having Insurance

You can also help ease your worries by taking out valuable items cover through our Silver Contents Insurance or our Gold Contents Insurance, both of which include coverage for high-risk items like jewellery and watches away from the home. Within the home, your high risk items will be covered within the contents sum insured for up a total of £30,000, and up to £10,000 for a single item, pair or set.

Additional Cover options

You can add our Personal Possessions cover to both our Silver and Gold policies, including Cover away from the home and Valuable items cover. Cover away from the home is for items you carry with you and the maximum you can claim for one item is £5,000. Valuable items cover also provides cover for loss or damage to specified items in and away from home, where the item is valued at more than £5,000(the maximum we can cover is £20,000 with an item limit of £10,000).

It’s worth noting, that while we often adjust the sums insured to take inflation into account, with items like a high-quality watch, their worth can go up and down at a rate unconnected to inflation. So, it’s wise to get them regularly valued by an expert, to make sure you have the right amount of cover.

Limitations and exclusions apply. So it's vital that you check what's included before you purchase. There’s also an excess on each claim. Please read the Key Documents carefully before you buy.

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