What is Buildings and Contents Insurance?

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Buildings and Contents Insurance all under one roof

Your house is probably the most expensive purchase you've ever made, but it’s not just an asset. It’s you and your family’s safe place; your personal space; and the location of your prized possessions.

If your home got broken into, or suffered damage from something such as a leaky washing machine or a really bad storm, would you have the financial protection in place to cover the cost of repairing the damage and replacing personal belongings?

After all, a toaster fire, burst pipe or burglary can leave a trail of damage that doesn't discriminate between the structure of your house and your personal belongings inside.

Our Home Insurance cover allows you to combine Buildings and Contents insurance, protecting the inside and outside of your home against events such as fire, storm, flood, escape of water and theft.

Having one insurance provider to deal with, for both Buildings and Contents insurance means your claim will be processed as quickly as possible reducing the possibility of delays.

We'll help you and your family get your life back on track as swiftly as we can, alleviating some of the stress that such an event could cause.

With our Gold and Silver Home insurance policies you can choose the cover that's right for your needs.

Our Gold and Silver Home Insurance includes Home Emergency cover as standard – helping with call out fees, labour costs and materials to make your home safe after an emergency. Home Emergency cover is not suitable for Tenants.

Accidental Damage cover is included with our Gold policy as standard and covers you for those little mishaps like putting your foot through a ceiling (Buildings) or spilling wine or paint on your carpet (Contents) – you can also add Accidental Damage cover to our Silver policy for an additional premium - view our additional cover options for more information.

You can also extend your Silver Home Insurance cover with Family Legal Protection cover (with our Gold policy its included as standard), which covers you for the costs and expenses of certain UK legal proceedings.

Life has a funny way of throwing up obstacles when you least expect it. Having the right household insurance in place, to protect your precious home and belongings, will at least mean you're prepared should the worst happen.

What does Home Insurance cover?

Home Insurance – or Household Insurance – includes Buildings and Contents Insurance.
Buildings Insurance will cover the costs of repairing or rebuilding the structure of your home, should it be damaged or destroyed. This includes damage to walls, permanent fixtures or fittings, patios and bathroom suites. Domestic buildings such as sheds, garages and greenhouses are also covered, within the boundaries of your land.

Every insurance policy, including ours, will have exclusions and so it's vital that you check what's included when you make your purchase. For example, we don't cover maintenance, wear or tear or damage that happens gradually over a period of time, like damp or rot. Your property should be kept in good condition to potentially avoid invalidating any future claims

If you’re a homeowner Buildings insurance will be crucial and you may not be able to take out a mortgage without it. It should also cover the cost of temporary accommodation if you had to move out of your home for a while, due to it being made uninhabitable as a result of damage, such as a flood.

Take a look at our Building maintenance tips for keeping your property in good shape.

Contents Insurance covers your personal belongings against loss or damage and includes everything you'd take with you if you moved home, such as your furniture, kitchen appliances, curtains, bedding, clothing, laptops and jewellery.

You don't need to be a homeowner to take out Contents Insurance. Even if you're renting, you should have it, as your landlord is not liable to protect your belongings.

Some people could under estimate the value of their possessions, which could lead to under insurance and insurers not being able to settle the claim in full.

Make sure you add up everything that you'd need to replace should you need to, including clothes, carpets and expensive kitchenware. Most insurance policies will have a limit to the amount of high risk items in total that can be covered, normally a fixed amount or percentage of the contents sum insured, together with a single item limit.

Your insurer may be able to extend the limits for expensive items like jewellery if additional cover is required.

It's also important you consider whether these items are covered both whilst in the home and away from it – we offer Personal Possessions cover that does cover such items outside of the home as an optional extra.

Read all about our Buildings Insurance and Contents Insurance.

Need to make a claim?

Please call our claims centre on 0370 900 5565 (Open 24 hours - call charges may vary. We may record and monitor calls) or find out more in our  PDF file: Help with making a claim PDF size: 2.9MB . Did you know you can register certain claims online with us, using our SmartClaim technology? Find out more about making a claim.