Energy - are you efficient at saving money?

Are you doing all you can to save money and save energy? Is your home energy efficient? Can you save money by switching?

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Are you doing all you can to save money and save energy? Is your home energy efficient? Can you save money by switching?

By making some changes, whether small or big, this could help you save money on your energy bills. From free tips, money saving help and energy advice, we think its a big deal to not only help reduce our impact on the environment, but to also put those pennies/pounds back in your pocket.

Free changes, more cash

  • Unplug those gadget chargers when not in use
  • Don't leave appliances on standby - turn them off
  • Turn off lights when you're not in the room
  • Use low energy programmes on dishwashers
  • Fill your washing machine with a full load and wash at 30 degrees
  • Don't overfill your kettle, just fill it with the amount you need
  • Cook big batches of food together
  • Have a microwave with a clock? - turn it off when not in use
  • Use the right sized pan for your stove and keep the pan lids on
  • Turn down your thermostat by 1 degree
  • Use thermal or heavy curtains in the winter
  • Wear more layers of clothing
  • Put more blankets on your bed
  • Dry clothes on racks instead of using a tumble dryer

Small costs to save more

  • Buy energy saving bulbs
  • Use insulation jackets around hot water tanks
  • Bleed your radiators and use radiator foil between the wall and the radiator
  • Use draught excluders

More savings

  • Cavity Wall insulation (if your property doesn't already have it and the walls are suitable) and Loft insulation
  • Insulate your pipes
  • Consider installing Double Glazing, if you don't already have it
  • Replace old appliances with more energy efficient ones
  • Buy and fit a water efficient shower head, as this could reduce your hot water usage
  • Use Eco Balls in a tumble dryer - they can make gaps allowing heat to move more freely


Bills, Bills, Bills

Depending on your circumstances such as age and property ownership, you could be eligible for some help towards your energy bills, through schemes/loans like the Green Deal and free services, such as a free Annual Gas Safety check.

The Government website offers help and advice about:

  • Winter fuel payments
  • Green Deal - scheme/loan to help you make energy saving improvements to your home ie: insulation, double glazing, renewable energy generation (ie: solar panels)
  • Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive - promoting the use of renewable heat in your home, with quarterly incentive payments for clean, green renewable heat
  • Smart meters - track your energy use and cost, no more estimated billing and reducing your emissions

The Citizens Advice Bureau provides information about extra help that may be available if you're vulnerable or on a low income:

Priority Services Register - a scheme run by energy suppliers (which you will need to sign up to your suppliers register) which offers free advice, free quarterly meter readings - to people who are of a pensionable age, registered disabled, long term ill health and hearing/visual impairments

Annual Gas Safety Check - you may be entitled to a free check

The Warm Home Discount Scheme - a rebate on you electricity bills if you're on certain benefits or a pensioner

To switch or not to switch?

Do your research first: compare tariffs, discounts and offers available, look at how you can pay - You can find out information from a number of websites:

  • Money Advice Service - free, unbiased, independent advice
  • Energy Saving Trust - impartial advice

Many people are put off by switching because it seems like it might be complicated or time consuming. It's actually easy to change your energy provider and it could save you hundreds of pounds each year on your energy bills. Check your tariff regularly to make sure you stay on the cheapest possible tariff and to ensure it's right for you.

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