Smart Protection for your Home: While you’re Away

Discover the latest Smart Home solutions for protecting your house while you’re not in.

Smarter Homes - Holidays

Technology that only a few years ago would have seemed like science fiction, is now becoming an everyday part of keeping your home, possessions and family safer. We asked Suzi Perry, presenter of the Gadget Show for eight years, to visit the Unruly House of the Future, Now, a London showcase for the latest in domestic tech, to show how it can help protect against common causes of Home Insurance claims.

In our video at the top of the page, Suzi demonstrates some really clever ways of protecting your home while you’re out or on holiday.

Say goodbye to endless checking

First of all, here’s a piece of home tech that many of us have been waiting for – it’s a very smart door lock. Simply put, when you go out and lock your front door it automatically makes sure everything that should be switched off actually is switched off. So you’ll no longer have to go back to check whether you’ve left the lights on – or, even worse, worry about the iron or the oven – because each and every time you leave the house you’ll have the peace of mind that everything is safely turned off.

Answering the door – when you’re not there

No one likes the thought of their house appearing empty when they’re away. In fact, a large part of making your home secure can be giving the impression that you’re in when you’re actually on holiday, at the shops or just relaxing in your back garden. Now there’s an ideal solution – it’s called a Ring video doorbell. When someone’s at your door and rings your bell, you get an alert sent directly to your phone. So wherever you are you can immediately see who’s there. And here’s the really clever part – you can actually talk to them, so they’re left with the strong impression that you’re at home, right behind the door.

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We’ve selected home tech products from a range available on the market to review their features, but we aren’t providing a recommendation to purchase.