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Bank of Mum and Dad

For many young adults, the reality is you can’t leave home without it.

Our recent report looks at the role the Bank of Mum and Dad plays when helping loved ones get on, or move up the property ladder. In 2017, parents will lend a staggering £6.5 billion, putting them on par with the 9th largest UK mortgage lender.

Find everything you need to know about the impact of the housing crisis, sluggish wage growth, Bank of Mum and Dad contributions and related factors, on the buying and renting markets in this Bank of Mum and Dad Hub

Bank of Mum and Dad

Bank of Mum and Dad report 2017  

After another year of rising prices and sluggish wage growth, home ownership is out of reach for ever more prospective buyers, and the Bank of Mum & Dad is busier than ever fighting to change that.

View the full 2017report or Read our Executive Summary

Support is on the rise

Bank of Mum and Dad report 2017  

Many children are still looking for support to get on the property ladder, our infographic reveals some interesting facts about the rise of the Bank of Mom and Dad and where geographically parents are the most generous when it comes to lending money.

The Bank of Mum and Dad on the rise.

Interactive Map

Bank of Mum and Dad 2017 interactive map  

BoMaD assistance has risen from an average of £17,500 in 2016 to £21,600 in 2017 – an increase of 23%. And it’s not surprising that hard-pressed Millennials are the biggest recipients of BoMaD funding – 79% of BoMaD funding goes to people under the age of 30.

Our interactive map will show you just how big a role the Bank of Mum and Dad is playing where you live.

Looking back (2016)

  Bank of Mum and Dad 2016 report  

In 2016, the Bank of Mum and Dad was estimated to spend over £5 billion helping their loved ones, which has increased by 30% in 2017, and was the equivalent of a top 10 mortgage lender.

Take a look at our 2016 research infographic

The pros and cons

Bank of Mum and Dad  

Rising house prices and stricter rules on lending, mean that first-time buyers may struggle to afford a home of their own, this is where the Bank of Mum and Dad come in!

Find out more about the pros and cons of Bank of Mum and Dad.

Life insurance poll

Life insurance poll  

Are you a mum or dad without life insurance? You’re not alone. Almost half of parents in the UK don’t have it. Curious to find out why that was, we spoke to 1,000 parents without a life insurance policy. 

Check out the results of our life insurance poll

Life insurance

If you’re planning to help your children buy a property, it's important to consider having protection in place, and life insurance could be an option.

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Home insurance

You love your home and naturally you want to protect it and the possessions you've built up over time. So when it comes to choosing your home insurance it's about getting quality cover from a name you can trust. 

Find out more about our Home Insurance  

Renters insurance

If you're a renter you might not think you need home Contents Insurance - but it's worth thinking about protecting your personal belongings whilst you're a tenant.

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