There’s no place quite like your home and when you’ve spent time and money creating a safe haven for you and your family, the last thing you need is to worry about not being protected against the unexpected.  If you suffered from a fire, flood damage or your home got broken into, how would you cope fixing the damage?

A fire, burst pipe or burglary can leave a trail of damage that doesn't discriminate between the structure of your house and your personal belongings inside. That’s why with our Home Insurance you can rest assured we’ll help you be financially protected, giving you peace of mind.

Gold and Silver Cover

Our Gold and Silver Home Insurance policies allow you to combine both Buildings and Contents cover so you can be protected both inside and outside the home.

Buildings sum insured ? Up to £1.5 million Up to £1.5 million
Contents sum insured ? Up to £150,000 Up to £150,000
Home emergency cover ? Included Included
Accidental damage Included Optional
Family Legal Protection Included Optional
Cover LevelGoldSilver
You can read more information about our cover and limits and find out more about Buildings Insurance or Contents Insurance.

Enhancing your cover

We understand that everyone’s needs are different. Both our Gold and Silver policies let you enhance your cover with useful add-ons for an additional premium.

Our Gold policy includes Accidental Damage, Home Emergency and Family Legal Protection as standard. You can choose to add Cover Away from the Home, Bicycle Cover and Valuable Items Cover.

You can choose to add Accidental Damage, Cover Away from the Home, Bicycle Cover, Valuable Items Cover and Family Legal Protection to our Silver policy.  For more details please take a look at our Additional Cover Options.

What isn't covered by our Buildings or Contents insurance

  • Your chosen excess will apply on each claim (minimum £100).
  • For Escape of Water claims a £500 excess will apply.
  • In the event of subsidence, heave or landslip, there’s an excess of £500 under Buildings Insurance
  • Storm or flood damage to fences, gates and hedges.
  • Maintenance, wear and tear or damage that happens gradually over a period of time, like damp or rot.
  • Money stolen from your home unless it was entered by force and violence.
  • Bicycles stolen from your home, unless it was entered by force and violence.
  • If your home has been unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days we won't cover loss or damage caused by malicious acts, vandalism, theft, water or oil leaks, breakage of glass or sanitaryware or frost damage.
  • The cost of replacing any undamaged or unbroken item or parts of items forming part of a set, suite or other article of uniform nature, colour or design if damage occurs within a clearly identifiable area or to a specific part and it is not possible to match replacements.

These are only examples of the cover, limits and exclusions that apply. Every insurance policy including ours, will have limitations and exclusions so it's vital that you check what's included before you purchase.  For more details of what is and isn't covered, please read the Insurance Product Information Document and booklets, which can be found in the Key Documents section.