What is Flood Re?

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Flood Re launched in April 2016 and we're a participating member of the scheme.

Recent large scale flood events highlight the impact of severe flooding, including the effect on those who struggle to find affordable home insurance.

Insurance companies and the Government have been working together to develop a different way of dealing with flood insurance. They decided on a not-for-profit flood reinsurance scheme, known as Flood Re, to help support households at highest risk of flooding.

With the launch of Flood Re:

  • There will be a greater choice of insurance policies for those at risk of flooding
  • There will be no difference to the way you buy home insurance
  • Any claims you need to make will continue to be handled by the insurance company you’ve chosen
  • Insurance companies will be able to pass on or ‘reinsure’ the flood risk element of eligible Home insurance policies to Flood Re

Will Flood Re affect my Home insurance premium?

Flood Re may affect the Home insurance premium all insurers offer their customers, but its biggest impact will be to properties that are at greatest risk of flooding. It's important to remember the flood risk is only one of many factors that we take into account when calculating a premium.

Will there be any impact if I cancel my Home insurance policy?

There are no changes to your cancellation rights and you can continue to cancel policies as set out in the terms and conditions of your policy. Our decision to reinsure a property to Flood Re will have no impact on your ability to obtain insurance elsewhere.

If you do wish to cancel your policy please ensure you have adequate cover in place first, as we may not be able to reinstate a cancelled policy and we can’t guarantee that we'll be able to offer a new policy.

Will you reinsure my property with Flood Re?

Flood Re has extensive eligibility criteria which will determine which properties can be considered for reinsurance with Flood Re. For a list of the criteria and further information please visit the Flood Re website.

It’s important to advise you that not all properties will be reinsured by us with Flood Re. Even if a property is eligible to be reinsured, we may make the decision to not reinsure based on the details specific to that property.

Further help

You can find further information by visiting the Flood Re website.

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