Making A Claim

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Make a claim online

Did you know you can register certain claims online with us, using our SmartClaim technology? Watch our video

You'll need a valid email address to make a claim online.

Please ensure you’ve taken all reasonable steps to prevent any further loss or damage. If you're claiming for:

  • Contents only
  • Personal Possessions only
  • Buildings only - Accidental Damage, Collision, Earthquake, Explosion, Falling trees or aerials, Lightning, Malicious Damage, Smoke, Storm or Subsidence

Please use:

Make a claim 

For all other Home Insurance claims, please use:

Make a Claim 

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Make a claim by phone

If you'd prefer to talk to us, or you wish to claim for something that the online claim form doesn’t include, you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We recommend you call us if you're not named on the policy.

If your claim is urgent and there’s high risk that damage could worsen, please contact us by calling:

Call 0370 900 5565 

Call charges will vary. We may record and monitor calls.

We take pride in the claims service we offer and believe it should be as straightforward and fair as possible.

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Before you claim

Before you register your claim with us it's important to complete the following steps:

1.Report to the police (if applicable)
2.Check you’re covered, referring to your policy booklet
3.Gather your policy and incident information

Find out more about our step-by-step guide to PDF file: Help with making a claim PDF size: 2.9MB  

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If you're looking to find out more about our making a claim process, our frequently asked questions pages may help you find the answer.

If you're still unsure or want to talk to us, give us a call and we'll be happy to help you.

What happens next?

When you contact us, we’ll let you know the next steps and then keep in touch by text, email, or phone to let you know what’s happening.

Find out more about our step-by-step guide to PDF size: 2.9MB