When calculating the price of your Home Insurance quote, we take account of many factors. Overall, we'll estimate how likely we think you are to claim and if you do, how much that claim could cost. This is often the largest part of your premium, but there are other elements included, such as the costs of administering your policy.

Where you live

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Where you live is a key factor for us when we calculate your Home Insurance premium.

We use your postcode and address information to help us estimate things like the likelihood of theft or subsidence occurring in your area, amongst other things.

Your home

We look at the type of property you live in – is it a flat or a semi-detached house? How many bedrooms does it have?

Semi-detached houses

We also look at the construction of your property, are the walls brick or stone? Does it have a non-standard roof, for example shingles or thatch? Knowing this helps us to work out how much it would cost to rebuild your home, should the worst happen.

We also recognise that the amount of contents cover you need may change over time. This may be due to the cost of items increasing, or simply the number of things you own changing over time. Therefore the amount of cover you require on your insurance needs to reflect this.

The Environment

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Depending on where your home is located, the likelihood of significant weather events will vary. If we believe your home is in an area at risk of significant weather events, such as storm or flood, then this could have a large impact on the price we quote.

Also, we have to bear in mind that weather patterns year to year are becoming more and more unpredictable, and serious localised flooding can occur with little warning. In turn, this unpredictability impacts the premiums we quote.

We're part of the Flood Re scheme, which sees the government and insurance companies work together to develop a different way of dealing with flood insurance. Flood Re is a not-for-profit flood reinsurance scheme that helps to support households at highest risk of flooding.

Flood Re has extensive eligibility criteria which will determine which properties can be considered for coverage, more information can be found on the Flood Re website.

How do you get my information?

In the past we asked a lot of questions before giving you a Home Insurance quote and many providers still do.

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But now we already have the answers, thanks to our partnerships with third parties. They use publicly available information from over 400 reliable sources to help us to shape an accurate quote, just for you. The quote is then based on this information as well as information about any claims you or anyone in your household has made in the past five years. The quote is valid based on some assumptions about your property, which you must agree to before buying your insurance policy.

Any claims


We also take into account any past claims you've had to help determine your premium, this is part of our acceptance criteria.

Did you know that our top 5 claims in 2019 were: escape of water, theft, fire, accidental damage and subsidence with a total Household claim cost of £168.7 million. All figures include meeting customer’s claims and supplier fees for zero settled claims where no benefit was paid to the customer in 2019.

Unfortunately for many, the worst did happen, but we were there to help them.