Helping you to protect your belongings as tenant

If you're a renter you might not think you need Tenants Insurance – but it's worth thinking about protecting your personal belongings whilst you're a tenant.

Contents cover for tenants

While landlords are usually responsible for Buildings Insurance on the property, plus cover on fixtures, fittings and furniture that belongs to them – they aren’t responsible for covering your belongings, that’s where our Tenant’s Insurance comes in.

The number of people renting their home looks set to keep growing in the UK, as property prices continue to put buying beyond the reach of many. According to the Family Resources Survey 2017/2018, 19% of households are now renting privately, with younger households renting rather than buying.

If you’re one of those renters, do you have Contents Insurance for your personal belongings? We only ask because some tenants don’t, assuming insurance is the landlord’s responsibility.