Looking after you and your scheme members

A tour of our Hove office and introduction to our Client Services team which manages the pension scheme transition, administration and customer service following a buy-in or buyout.

Our client services team video


David Poulton, Head of Client Services: Welcome to Hove, home to our in-house Client Services team, working tirelessly to provide an outstanding scheme transfer and experience for our clients and their scheme members. Hi, I am Dave and I am responsible for the Client Service teams here in Hove who are involved right from the start of the scheme transfer process working closely with Trustees, their advisers and scheme administrators throughout. We’ve been doing this for 30 years and I think we’ve developed an unrivalled expertise supporting pension schemes over this period. We’ve helped more than 3,000 pension schemes and around half a million scheme members through this process and I thought I’d give you a tour today and introduce you to some of my team who make the magic happen.

Voiceover: My team covers everything from the initial implementation, to data services, payroll services, technical services, and customer services. We understand that each scheme is different so all of my teams work closely together to make sure the end to end transfer is tailored to each of our client’s individual needs. Our goal is always to make the process smooth, seamless and hassle free for both our clients and their scheme members. I believe good service is first and foremost always about the quality of your staff, and the reason I’m so proud of our service is because of the great people we have working here.

Dave Stevenson, Senior Transition Manager:  I am David and I am a Senior Transition Manager. I work closely with the Business Development team and get involved in many of the pre-sale activities such as new business presentations, due diligence and client site visits. I’m here to oversee the post-sale transition and to work closely with our clients and their advisers to ensure the transition runs smoothly and in a timely manner.

Victoria Spill, Transition Consultant: Hi, I am Vicky and I’m a Transition Consultant. I am responsible for the day to day project management of all new schemes coming into Legal & General. I am often the main point of contact for the clients, administrators and advisers and I work closely with my colleagues across the Client Services teams and ensure the transition tasks run smoothly. I make sure everything we have promised you gets delivered as it should be.

Pennie Thomas, Liability Data Analyst: Hi, I am Pennie. I am one of the Liability Data Analysts and my role is to manage all of your scheme data as it comes into us. I make sure the data is cleansed and validated so that even when a scheme has a very large membership we can be confident that each individual's benefits are correct. Getting this right is critical for you and your scheme members.

Ken Cansdale, Payroll Services Consultant: Hi, I am Ken. I work in the Payroll team and my job is to make sure that you and your scheme members’ continue to get paid both during and after a scheme is transferred over to us. Our team manages ongoing scheme member movements, liaises with scheme administrators and ensures that every monthly payment is accurate and on time. Getting this right for you and your scheme members is at the heart of what I do.

Paul Davis, Operational Support Coordinator: Hi, I am Paul. My team are here to provide operational support during the transition. The data cleanse and benefit finalising is often a complex and long process and my dedicated team is here to support you with any technical and general queries and issuing quotes and settlements during the transition phase.

Samantha Tuite, Loading Specialist: Hi, I’m Samantha and my role is to load and test all member and scheme data as well as benefit rules before these are transferred to our administration platform. This provides our administration teams with a fully automated service to generate retirement calculations, member letters and settlements for our customers. I also issue customer welcome letters and policy documentation once everything is set up on our system. Every pension promise is unique, therefore my job is to make sure that every policy document that we send is tailored to your individual scheme and scheme member.

Ryan Timms, Pensions Administrator: Hi, I’m Ryan. I work in the customer service team. I am the one who will pick up the phone and help you and your scheme members. Our team deals with more than 20,000 calls a year, we help our members access their pension benefits and more importantly, answer any question they may have. 

David Poulton, Head of Client Services: I hope we were able to give you a little insight into what we do. We are passionate about customer service and driven by continuous improvement. We have a strong focus on learning and development, employee engagement and more importantly we continue to invest in our people, systems and technology to help us deliver consistently outstanding customer service.

We are Legal & General and we are here for you and your scheme members.