Latest webinars and videos 2020

Throughout 2020 our team of pension risk transfer experts has participated in a number of webinars and videos, which are available to view on demand.


Keep an eye out for future podcasts, videos and webinars throughout 2020. You can use the links below to access previous recordings

Pension Age

Risk transfer opportunities (10 July 2020)
Lisa Purdy, Head of Fiduciary Distribution at Legal & General Investment Management and Gavin Smith, Pricing and Execution Director - UK PRT at Legal & General, speak to Pension Age Editor Laura Blows about the impact of the recent market volatility on the bulk annuity and risk transfer market and the potential opportunities for the future

FT Pensions Expert

What's going on in the bulk annuities market? (20 June 2020)
Just as some defined benefit schemes are counting their losses, well hedged trustee boards find themselves closer to their endgame than ever. A widening gap between the cost of insuring benefits and holding low-risk gilts could make some sponsors think twice about pursuing self-sufficiency, but industry experts warn that the best pricing will go to the best prepared schemes. The session dives into the nuance of recent market moves, featuring presentations from Chris DeMarco, Managing Director of UK Pension Risk Transfer at Legal and General, and a live discussion with Chris Martin, Founding Director at Independent Trustee Services. Topics  include the growth and limits of capacity in the UK buyout market, along with practical endgame tips for schemes large and small, and at either end of the funding spectrum.

Endgame Perspectives

Endgame Perspectives (14 May 2020)
For DB pension schemes approaching their endgame, there are now more options than ever to consider. We teamed up with Professional Pensions to examine how trustees can plan for their endgame, regardless of where they are on their de-risking journey or the size of their scheme. Expert speakers from Legal & General’s award-winning investment management and pension risk transfer businesses examine the endgame landscape and the options available to schemes, while two independent trustees will offer their reflections from a small and large scheme-perspective to give you a practical outlook on the different considerations that may shape your thinking.

XPS Pensions Group

Legal and General's perspective on the bulk annuity market (29 April 2020)
XPS’ Ash Williams talks to Paige Wilson at Legal and General about the bulk annuity market, how we prioritise transactions and tips for pension scheme trustees

Legal and General's view about alternatives to bulk annuities and buyout (29 April 2019)
XPS’s Ash Williams talks to Beatrice Male at Legal and General about alternatives to bulk annuities and buyouts. Beatrice explains different options such as Insured Self-Sufficiency and Assured Payment Policies.

Hymans Robertson

Opportunities and challenges for pension scheme risk transfer transactions (28 April 2019)
In the wake of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Pretty Sagoo, Head of Pricing and Execution at Legal & General, provides insights on the financial resilience of insurers and the effects on pricing for buy-ins and buyouts.


Risk transfer market innovation (24 March 2020)
Stephan Erasmus at Legal & General discusses our first ever Assured Payment Policy (APP) deal with the AIB Group UK Pension Scheme at the end of 2019, as part of a broader £1.1bn transaction to target full buy-in. An APP effectively creates a bridge to buy-in and is applicable to a wide range of scheme sizes.