From building homes to transforming UK towns and cities, our inclusive capitalism approach is already at work.

Financial returns matter to our partners, but they also want positive solutions that deliver real-life economic and social impact over the long term. In recent years, Legal & General Group has directly invested over £26bn into creating great places across the UK in recent years, and have proven to be a partner of choice for local authorities up and down the country.

Our investments are about more than just bricks and mortar. They’re also about investing for the long term, to create future-proof, sustainable, vibrant communities that enhance the quality of life of the people who live and work there.

Drawing on our highly flexible approach, we support and create places through lending, equity funding for new buildings, and joint venture partnerships. We are  a long term investor with industry-leading place-making and development capability in-house. What’s more, our scale, expertise, and ability to work in partnership enable us to successfully deliver impactful and place-shaping urban regeneration projects across the UK; often large and complex projects that are beyond the reach and capability of others.

£26 billion

of direct investments made in the UK


urban regeneration schemes


homes delivered across the UK

Case studies

  • Newcastle Helix

    Newcastle Helix

    As long-term investment partners of Newcastle City Council and Newcastle University, we supported the £350 million flagship urban regeneration project to create Newcastle Helix.

  • Glasgow City Council

    Glasgow City Council

    We provided Glasgow City Council with the funding it needed to end a lengthy dispute over equal pay.

  • Cardiff Central Square

    Cardiff Central Square

    We formed a joint venture partnership with Rightacres and Cardiff Council to redevelop Cardiff Central Square, a £450m development.

  • Government Property Agency

    Government Property Agency

    Working with the Government Property Agency, we’ve now provided funding for 10 out of HMRC’s 12 new regional hubs.

Responsible investing

We believe embedding responsible investing factors into our investment analysis and decisions will enable our business to deliver long-term positive value to all of our stakeholders.

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The specialist Public Sector Partnerships team helps public sector entities, including local and combined authorities, to convert their strategic visions into reality. We focus on economically and socially useful investments by bringing together multiple pools of long-term funding and expertise.