Borrowing beyond the public markets

For corporate and public-sector entities seeking to borrow outside of the public markets, our team specialises in providing syndicated, covenanted, club and bilateral loans. Through our robust platform, we can also provide short-dated facilities like asset financing, capital call facilities and trade receivables.

We focus on buying and holding high-quality, income-producing assets across the investment-grade and sub-investment-grade spectrum, supported by rigorous due diligence and structuring expertise from our experienced investment teams.

Crucially, our track record of success in the corporate debt space has enabled us to develop strong relationships with key stakeholders like governments, agencies and local authorities, while the scope and depth of our platform give us the power to tap into opportunities that other investors can’t access.

Case studies

  • Financing affordable homes in the UK

    Financing affordable homes in the UK

    With the UK still facing a severe shortage of affordable housing crisis, 1.3 million households are now on local authority waiting lists.

  • Clúid Housing

    Clúid Housing

    With over 68,000 households on the waiting list for social housing in Ireland, the Irish Government has committed to ensuring that everyone can access a home, either on their own or with State support. 

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