The power to deliver in a complex market

LGIM Real Assets has been an active player in UK real estate equity since 1971 and currently manage assets of £21.4bn (as at June 2020) for our institutional and retail clients. That solid track record has enabled us to build a robust network of industry relationships, giving our clients privileged access to deals that would otherwise been beyond their reach.

With a strong focus on income-producing strategies, our innovative and flexible solutions span commercial real estate and residential development to operational real estate and long-lease real estate. 

Most of the assets we manage are in pooled funds, but we also manage a range of asset-specific joint ventures and segregated accounts. But across our entire real estate equity portfolio, our commitment is the same: to take a sustainable approach to generating attractive long-term returns for our clients.

Putting that commitment into action, we set ourselves a goal in 2019: to achieve net-zero carbon across our entire real estate equity platform by 2050 under the Better Buildings Partnership climate change initiative. Read our Net Zero Carbon Report

Balanced funds

Designed to meet the specific needs of different investors, our seven balanced funds aim to consistently outperform their individual benchmarks, whilst managing exposure to systematic risk.

Specialist funds

Our four specialist funds offer niche investment solutions allowing investors access to specific areas of the real assets market.

Joint ventures

We forge strong joint venture partnerships with investors, enabling them to invest alongside us on deals that would otherwise remain beyond their reach.

Segregated mandates

We have the ability to create bespoke segregated mandates that deliver the specific outcomes and returns that our clients need.

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