Moving home can be stressful, but with some forward planning and preparation you can make moving a little easier.

It’s important to let companies like banks and credit card companies know that you are changing address. Don’t forget your broadband and mobile phone providers and all your insurance providers  – you need to notify them as well.

You will also need to contact magazine companies if you have a subscription with them, and your local council. Your television licence needs to be transferred to your new address too.

Websites such offer a free online service to contact all the important companies with your change of address.

If it's no longer possible to use your current doctor and dentist, it would be advisable to find a new doctor and dentist, particularly if you are receiving hospital treatment or on regular medication.

Electricity and gas suppliers require 48 hours’ notice to turn off your supply, and don’t forget to shop around for new suppliers at your new address.

Before you move remember to defrost the freezer and get rid of old food – jars, bottles and tins that you no longer use.

There is no point in paying to move items that you don’t need, so how about having a good clean- out? You can give away things you don’t want, sell them or donate them to charity. Don’t forget all the items stowed away in cupboards and in the loft.

A reminder call the day before you move to the removal companies will confirm arrangements, and if you are moving at a weekend you could book a babysitter for the children or set up a part of the house for the children to play in. Make sure you don’t pack all their toys away!

For moving day it’s helpful to have a survival kit of toiletries, a change of clothes, a small tool kit, light bulbs, drinks, tea and coffee, cash, medication, and any important numbers you’ll need such as your solicitor and removals company.

Remember to speak to your home insurer to transfer your insurance to your new property. They will need to know the re-building cost of your new property and your required contents sum insured, they may need to run through some other questions with you.

If you don't already have insurance in place, why not take a look at our home insurance. We offer both buildings and contents insurance and you can choose from two levels of cover.

Having a checklist can be a useful reminder of what you need to do. We’ve put together a Guide to Moving Home checklist to help you plan before and during the move and some useful moving home tips to help with budgeting.

Good luck with your move!

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