Contents insurance.

What's covered by our home contents insurance?

With Extra and Essentials, you can choose from two levels of contents insurance to suit your individual needs. Whichever option you choose, you'll still get the same great service from a name you can trust. 

Here's just some of the things that are covered with our Essentials home contents insurance and Extra home contents insurance so you can compare and see what level of cover is right for you. We've also provided a list of what isn't covered by our home contents insurance.

For full details of what is and isn't included in the cover, please download and read the relevant policy documents on the right of this page.



Sum insured will be estimated, but can be increasedSum insured will be
estimated, but can be increased
Min. compulsory excess£150£100
High risk itemsUp to 20% of contents sum insuredUp to 33% of contents sum insured (a minimum of £14,000)
High risk single item limitUp to 5% of your contents sum insured (a minimum of £2,000)Up to 5% of your contents sum insured (a minimum of £2,000)
Contents in gardenX£1,000
Credit cardsX£5,000
Freezer contentsX£1,000
Special eventsX
Accidental damage for contents - to TV's, computers and stereo's. Includes accidental breakage of mirrors and fixed glass in furniture.

Additional cover options
Extended accidental damage for contents - like spilling red wine on your carpet.Additional cover options

What isn't covered by our home contents insurance

  • The first £150 for Essentials cover or the first £100 for Extra cover of compulsory excess on each claim plus any voluntary excess if you choose it and an escape of water excess of £250.
  • Money stolen from your home unless it was entered by force and violence.
  • Pedal cycles stolen from home, unless it was entered by force and violence (covered by Extra policies only).
  • Accidental damage to portable items like video cameras and hand held computer games, unless you've taken out optional contents extended accidental damage or personal possessions cover for Extra, or unless you've taken out optional personal possessions cover for Essentials
  • If your home has been unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days for Extra or 30 days for Essentials, we won't cover loss or damage caused by malicious acts, vandalism, theft, water or oil leaks. In this case there is no cover from the first day the home is not live in.
  • The cost of replacing any undamaged or unbroken item or parts of items forming part of a set, suite or other article of uniform nature, colour or design if damage occurs within a clearly identifiable area or to a specific part and it is not possible to match replacements for both Essentials and Extra cover.

Important information

Please note that our home insurance is designed to cover certain unforeseen events and doesn't cover everything. It does not cover things like general wear and tear or damage that happens gradually over a period of time. There is also an excess on each claim.

These examples are only a brief list of your cover and exclusions. For more details of what is and isn’t covered, please read our Home Insurance Essentials Summary Document (PDF: 568KB) and our Home Insurance Extra Policy Summary Document (PDF: 225KB) . For full details please read our Home Insurance Essentials Policy Booklet (PDF: 320KB) and our Home Insurance Extra Policy Booklet (PDF: 380KB) .

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