When your payment starts

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Deferred periods

We don’t pay benefits straight away when you make a claim – we call this the deferred period. You can choose a 30, 60, or 90 day deferred period for accident and sickness or unemployment options.

You can also have a longer deferred period of 180 days for our accident and sickness insurance. We’ll work out your claim at a daily rate and pay your benefit to you monthly in arrears (this means every month for the month just gone).

Accident and sickness insurance

The deferred period starts when a doctor (or a suitably qualified consultant for certain conditions) confirms that you're unfit for work.

Unemployment insurance

The deferred period starts at the later of:

  • when you've registered as unemployed
  • when the payment in lieu of notice expires
  • when if you’re self-employed that date the HMRC has confirmed the business has ceased to trade or
  • if you’ve left work to become a carer it’s the date you receive carer’s allowance.

We'll also start a claim from the date your employer places you on short time working hours.

What you need to consider

You need to think carefully about how long you could comfortably manage without your usual income. You should consider:

  • Any existing policies you may have that will pay out if you can't work,
  • Any individual or joint savings or income you may have from other sources; and
  • Government benefits like the Support For Mortgage Interest, and any income support you may be entitled to.

We'll only pay benefits if you're off work for the full deferred period.

If you’re not sure whether you'll be able to claim government benefits, contact the Department for Work and Pensions at www.dwp.gov.uk

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Benefit payment options

We offer two different ways of paying benefits:


We make your first benefit payment 31 days after the deferred period ends. Any further payments are made at 30-day intervals.

Back to day one

We make your first benefit payment on the first day after the deferred period ends. We then backdate the benefit to day one of your claim. We then pay any further payments at 30-day intervals.

For a better understanding of how the payment options affect the policy, please see the examples in each of the employment sections. Please choose the type of employment below which applies to you.


Landlord - when your payment starts summary
Deferred period Standard option Back to day one
30 days First payment on day 61 First payment on day 31
60 days First payment on day 91 First payment on day 61
90 days First payment on day 121 First payment on day 91
180 days Not available for Unemployment Not available for Accident, Sickness or Unemployment