If you're a renter you might not think you need tenants insurance - but it's worth thinking about protecting your personal belongings whilst you're a tenant.

What is Tenants Insurance?

Tenants insurance is in fact the contents section of our Household policy. The cover protects your contents against loss or damage from causes such as escape of water, fire, storm, flood, and theft when renting a property. If you're a landlord, our Landlords insurance policy could offer you the same protection but for the Buildings.

Do I need Tenants Insurance?

Landlords are usually responsible for insuring the Buildings, fixtures, fittings and any furniture they leave in the property - but you may be surprised to find out that this doesn't extend to your contents or belongings. Tenant contents insurance could give you financial protection in the event that something does happen to your belongings.

What we offer

You can select from two levels of cover, Gold which provides a comprehensive level of cover for a wide range of events or Silver, which provides a lower level of cover but still includes important protection against events like fire, flood, storms, subsidence, escape of water and theft.

We offer a range of Additional Cover Options that you can add to your tenant contents insurance policy for an additional premium, so that you can feel confident that your policy meets your needs. For example, you can protect personal possessions away from the home or benefit from Bicycle cover. A comparison of our Gold and Silver cover can be found below and more information can be found in the Contents section of our Home Insurance Product Information Documents and policy booklets.

To provide cover your home must be self-contained and occupied by just you and your family.

Why choose us?

We've been insuring homes for over 90 years and if you ever need to make a claim with us, you'll have a dedicated, single point of contact to support you from beginning to end.

Overview of Contents cover

Contents sum insured ? Up to £150,000 Up to £150,000
Home Emergency Cover ? Included Included
Accidental Damage Included Optional
Family Legal Protection Included Optional
High risk items ? £30,000 £30,000
Contents in garden ? Up to £5,000 Up to £2,500

Find out more information about our cover and limits.

What isn't covered by our Contents insurance

  • Your chosen excess will apply on each claim (minimum £100).
  • For Escape of Water claims the excess is £500.
  • Money stolen from your home unless it was entered by force and violence.
  • Bicycles stolen from your home, unless it was entered by force and violence
  • If your home has been unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days, we won't cover loss or damage caused by malicious acts, vandalism, theft, water or oil leaks.
  • The cost of replacing any undamaged or unbroken item or parts of items forming part of a set, suite or other article of uniform nature, colour or design if damage occurs within a clearly identifiable area or to a specific part and it is not possible to match replacements.

These are only examples of the cover, limits and exclusions that apply. Every insurance policy including ours, will have limitations and exclusions so it's vital that you check what's included before you purchase.  For more details of what is and isn't covered, please read the Insurance Product Information Documents and policy booklet, which can be found in the Key Documents section.