Generic page two columns

This text is driven by the Callout field. Always use a callout field to give put your most important information, such as a simple statement of what the page will do. Images sit under the callout text to make sure users are getting some information higher up the page.

Upper body heading 2

This is upper body content. You can include tables, bullet points and other formatting options such as block quotes. You can also add images.

Subheadings within a Heading 2 section should use Heading 3

Headings are always sentence case and should not include a full stop.

Lower body heading 2

If you have put other items such as FAQs below your Upper Body content you can use this, the lower body content to add any text that sits underneath.

"You can add a blockquote by selecting format - blocks - blockquote" Brian Devlin - January 2018