Structured deposit and investment valuations

Please see below how we calculate your structured product valuation shown in My Account. If you are unsure which product you have, please contact us on 0370 050 0955. We’re open 8.30 to 18.00 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). All calls are charged and we may record and monitor calls

The valuation shows your original investment, including any interest earned before your money was invested, minus any withdrawals you’ve made.

As you’ve invested in a fixed term product, we won’t know the final value until your investment matures. This is why no growth is currently shown. You need to hold your investment for the full fixed term to receive the returns stated in your brochure.

If you choose to close your investment early, the amount you receive will be calculated at the next available valuation date which is normally the next working day following the 7th and 20th of each month.