Top-up your Junior ISA

There are two ways for you to top-up your stocks and shares Junior ISA, either by increasing your monthly contributions or by adding a lump sum contribution. Both can be done by simply completing our form.

Increasing monthly contributions

If you’ve already set up regular direct debit contributions, you can increase this by £1 or more. If you do not currently contribute through regular direct debit, the minimum to begin this is £20 per month.

Adding a lump sum contribution

You can top up your Junior ISA with a lump sum of £100 or more.

Get Started

We’ve put together three options to help you get started and find the solution that’s right for you, but please remember the decision of whether to invest and where is your decision. We are unable to provide you with any advice.

Responds to the markets - our Mixed Investment 20-60% Fund

  • An option if you prefer your investment decisions being made by our team of experts across a range of funds.

Follows the UK market - our UK Index Trust

  • An option if you are looking for your investment to closely follow the performance of the UK stock market.

Pick your own - our full fund range

  • An option if you want to invest in one or more of our full range of funds

Ready to top-up?

  1. Download our Terms and conditions 
  2. Select the funds you wish to invest in through our Fund Information page
  3. Consider how much you wish to allocate to each of the fund(s).
    Download the Junior ISA Top Up form
  4. Once you have completed all the sections required, please post the form along with your cheque (if you're making a lump sum payment) to:

    Legal & General Investments
    PO Box 6080
    WV1 9RB.


  • Please remember the value of your child’s investment may fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. This means it may be worth less than the amount invested.
  • The money invested in a stocks and shares Junior ISA is locked away until your child becomes 18 and then rolls up into an adult ISA. You should consider it to be a medium to long-term investment, ideally of five years or more.
  • Each fund has its own individual risks. To find out more about these, please read the Key Investor Information documents for the funds you wish to invest in.
  • Any money contributed to a Junior ISA is a gift to the child and can’t be reclaimed at any stage in the future.
  • Please note, our website doesn't provide advice or personal recommendations. We haven't assessed whether this product is suitable for you or your child. This means you don't have the protection you would have received if we had done this. It's up to you to decide if an investment with us is suitable for your needs. If you need help, please contact an Independent Financial Adviser.