From 6 April 2015 it became possible to transfer an existing Child Trust Fund (CTF) into a Junior ISA.

Considering a transfer?

There are a few differences between the two products that you should be aware of before you make the transfer:

  • The minimum contribution levels in a Junior ISA may be different from those in the CTF. You should make sure you are happy with any changes that may apply, if you choose to transfer.
  • Stakeholder CTFs have a 1.5% charges cap which doesn’t apply to Junior ISAs. Charges vary between individual funds.
  • Stakeholder CTFs have an automatic lifestyling feature which now starts from when the child reaches the age of 15. This gradually moves the CTF into lower risk investments. In a Junior ISA the investment remains in the fund(s) you invest in until the child reaches age 18, but you are free to switch between the available funds at any time, meaning you can decide what level of risk to take at all times.
  • The subscription year for Junior ISAs runs from 6 April to 5 April, not from the child’s birthday. Any transfer from a CTF to a Junior ISA doesn’t affect the child’s Junior ISA allowance for the current tax year.

Remember, as with a CTF the money invested in a Junior ISA is locked away until the child becomes 18. With a Junior ISA the money automatically rolls up into an adult ISA when the child reaches this age. You should consider it to be a medium to long-term investment, ideally of five years or more.

A junior ISA that gives you options

If you are considering transferring a CTF to our Junior ISA you should look at fund choice – we’ve highlighted some options below. Alternatively, if you want to play a more active role we’ve over 30 funds available that you may want to consider either now or in the future.

1. Responds to the markets
 2. Follows the UK market
 3. Pick your own
  • Choose from over 30 funds that let you invest in a range of sectors and countries from around the world
  • Current on-going charge: ranges from 0.56% to 1.85% a year
  • Please read the fund specific Key Investor Information document before investing


Additional information

  • You can only transfer your CTF to a Junior ISA in full, it is not possible to split the amount between a CTF and a Junior ISA.
  • Once you have transferred from a CTF to a Junior ISA it permanently becomes a Junior ISA and cannot be switched back to a CTF.
  • The initial minimum investment for these funds is £30 a month by Direct Debit, or £500 as a lump sum.
  • You can contribute regularly from as little as £30 a month by Direct Debit, or top-up your child’s investment whenever you like with a lump sum of £100 or more.
  • If your child has already got either a cash Junior ISA or stocks and shares Junior ISA with another provider you can transfer (PDF:525KB) it to us at any time. The minimum amount you can transfer to us is £500. Your existing provider may charge a fee for the transfer.
  • You can transfer the Junior ISA to another provider at any time.
  • Please remember that the investment won’t benefit from any rise in the markets whilst the Junior ISA transfer is taking place, and it could lose some growth.
  • Transfers normally take up to two weeks, but can take longer.
  • Any money contributed to a Junior ISA is a gift to the child and can’t be reclaimed at any stage in the future.
  • Our website doesn't provide advice or personal recommendations. We haven't assessed whether this product is suitable for you or your child. This means you don't have the protection you would have received if we had done this. It's up to you to decide if an investment with us is suitable for your needs. If you need help, please contact an Independent Financial Adviser.

Risk factors

  • Please remember the value of your child’s investment may fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. This means it may be worth less than the amount invested.
  • The money invested in a stocks and shares Junior ISA is locked away until your child becomes 18 and then rolls up into an adult ISA. You should consider it to be a medium to long-term investment, ideally of five years or more.
  • The ‘Responds to the markets’ option invests overseas. Changes in exchange rates between currencies may cause the value of the investment to rise and fall.
  • Each trust has its own individual risks. To find out more about these, please read the Key Investor Information document(s) for the funds you wish to invest in.