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What is Landlords Home Emergency Cover?

Landlords Home Emergency Cover gives you protection against emergencies such as burst pipes or sudden leakage, break in or vandalism compromising the security of the home and failure of the domestic hot water system. It covers call out charges, labour and parts or materials for immediate repairs to stabilise and remove the emergency.

What does Landlords Home Emergency Cover include?

When you take out  Landlord Buildings Insurance policy, you’ll get up to £500 (including VAT) Landlords Home Emergency Cover towards the cost of rectifying any one incident. This covers the call out fees, labour costs and materials to make your rental property safe following an emergency. We’ll send a repairer to assess and carry out emergency works for incidents such as:

  • Burst pipes or sudden leakage
  • Break in or vandalism which makes your home less secure
  • Storm damage causing water to enter the home or likely to cause further loss or damage to the home or contents
  • Impact damage caused by falling trees, vehicles, planes and aerial debris
  • Failure of the domestic water mains supply leaving the home with no running water
  • Failure of the gas supply pipe leaving the tenant unable to use the gas appliances
  • Failure of the domestic electricity system leaving the home without electricity
  • Blocked drains
  • Failure of the domestic hot water system
  • Total failure of the central heating system between September and April inclusive
  • A smashed toilet bowl or cistern, or breakage of the internal cistern mechanism that prevents flushing
  • Sudden damage that causes water to enter the home or compromises security (in circumstances such as subsidence or heave or landslip).

Please note – if the emergency work carried out exceeds £500 (including VAT) you'll be expected to pay the repairer promptly.

Limitations and exclusions apply. Home Emergency Cover won't cover routine day-to-day maintenance or pre-existing situations, including wear and tear, damp, rot, or any emergency arising from a problem that was already known about. It also won't cover boilers or warm air units more than eight years old. Please read the policy booklet for full details.

How to deal with an emergency

First, you should always contact the Police, Emergency Services or Public Supply Authority depending on the nature of the incident. Suspected gas leaks should always be reported to the National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999.

Make a Landlords Home Emergency cover claim

We understand that loss or damage to your property can cause undue stress and inconvenience for you and your tenants. If you want to make a Landlords Home Emergency cover claim, call our 24-hour line administered by AXA Assistance (UK) Limited on 0800 072 4680 and we’ll be ready to offer the support you need. Please make sure you have your policy number ready, so we can process your claim quickly.

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