What does Landlord insurance cover?

Whether you let out a second home or you’ve built up a buy- to-let portfolio, your rental property is a valuable investment.

That’s why we’ve created specialist landlord buildings and contents cover. Unlike ordinary home insurance, it’s specifically designed to protect your investment, your rental income and you as a landlord.

Protecting your investment

Our buildings insurance can cover rebuilding costs up to £800,000 if your property is damaged by an insured event like fire or flooding. It also covers accidental breakage of fixed glass and sanitaryware such as sinks and toilet bowls.

For problems like a burst pipe or boiler breakdowns, we include up to £500 of home emergency cover as standard, which covers the cost of call out charges, labour and materials to stabilise an emergency. It helps make sure that problems are taken care of quickly, gives tenants a better service, and may prevent a tenant taking matters into their own hands and calling out an expensive or incompetent repairer.

It makes sense to consider getting landlord’s contents insurance as well if your property is rented furnished. This will cover  the items in the house that belong to you, including furniture, carpets and kitchen appliances like fridges, microwaves and cookers.

Finally, when you look for tenants, you want to find people who treat your property with care. Sadly, that’s not always the case, so we give you the option to add accidental and malicious damage cover. This protects your buildings and contents from damage caused by tenants.

Covering your legal liabilities

It’s a fact of life that people have accidents in the home all the time. If personal injury or material damage happens to one of your tenants or a visitor to the property through something that may be considered your fault, it could lead to a claim for compensation being made against you. That’s why both our landlord buildings and contents policies include up to £2 million of cover for your legal liabilities to third parties as a property owner and landlord.


Protecting your income

What if your property becomes uninhabitable due to an event such as a fire or flood, and your tenant has to move out? It could mean not just losing rental income while repairs take place, but also losing a good tenant altogether.

Our buildings insurance includes up to £40,000 for loss of rent or alternative accommodation costs for your tenant following damage caused by an insured event.

For additional peace of mind and financial security we also offer Legal expenses and Rent Guarantee cover as an additional cover option. This cover includes :

  • Legal expenses cover protects you from the costs of legal action if a tenant breaches their tenancy agreement
  • Rent guarantee cover protects you from the risk of unpaid rent for up to 12 months
  • Squatters cover helps you negotiate your rights to evict anyone who is not your tenants and doesn’t have permission to be at your property 

Peace of mind

Your rented home and capital is at risk if you do not have insurance. Legal & General Landlord insurance cover is specifically designed for the job, giving you more confidence that you’ve got professional help in place to put things right.

You’ll find full details of our Landlord Buildings insurance here.

For more details of our Landlord Contents insurance, click here.

Important Information

Limitations and exclusions apply. For full details on what is and is not covered by Legal & General landlord insurance, please read the Policy Summary and Policy Booklet in the Key Document section.

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