Monthly vs annual premiums

Are you looking for cheaper life insurance? Annual premiums may be the choice for you.

When you take out life insurance with us, you can choose to pay your premiums monthly or annually. If you choose annual premiums you'll get a 4% discount so it's a cheaper option compared to paying monthly. 

The example was calculated on 9 October 2019.  It is based on a non-smoker, born 8 March 1983 with £100,000 of life insurance over 20 years:

Monthly premium £7.15
Annual premium £82.37
% discount 4%
Saving over one year £3.43
Saving over 20 years £68.60

So when you get your life insurance quote online or over the telephone remember to select annual premiums if you want the cheaper option. 

Please remember to choose a premium payment option that you can afford now and in the future.

Your own premium will depend on individual needs and circumstances.

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