Is cheap life insurance better?

But cheap life insurance is not always best

While you’re searching for cheap life insurance quotes it’s important to remember that low cost doesn’t necessarily offer the right cover. There are a range of life insurance products out there that offer different things to different people, so finding the one that matches your needs and circumstances can be just as important as budget. For example, it can be worth comparing things like product features and reputation of the insurance provider when you make a decision.

What can affect your premium?

Our premiums start from just £6 a month, depending on your needs and circumstances. But aside from age, factors that could influence your premium include:

  • The cover you need and how long you want the protection to last
  • Your smoker status
  • Your health
  • Your lifestyle

Get cheaper premiums by paying annually

When you apply for cover with us, you have the option of paying your premiums monthly or annually. And if you can afford to pay annually, you'll get a 4% discount.

This example is based on a non-smoker, born 2 March 1983 with £150,000 of Life Insurance over 20 years:

Monthly premium £9.19
 Annual Premium  £105.87
 % discount 4%
 Saving over 1 year  £4.41
 Saving over 20 years  £88.20

Figures correct at 01 November 2019.

To find out how much life insurance you might need, use our Life Insurance Calculator and then get a quote. You can get one in under two minutes and you’ll get an instant online decision if you decide to apply. Find out more about our life insurance.