Is life insurance worth it?

Well, it could be, if you start to think of it as protecting the future of those close to you, and your own peace of mind. 

Not everyone needs life insurance. But if your children, partner or other relatives depend on you financially then life insurance could very well be worth it, since it will help provide for your family in the event of your death.

Your loved ones could benefit from the cash sum paid out if you die while covered by the policy. Helping them to cover things like the mortgage, household bills or childcare costs.

All you have to do, when you take it out, is decide on the type and amount of cover you need, the premium you can afford and how long you want it for.

And the real benefit to you isn’t a financial one, just the reassurance that those close to you won’t struggle for money when you’re gone. 

Insuring with us

We offer two types of cover:

Life Insurance - Your chosen cash sum could be paid out if you die during the length of the policy. It could be used to help protect the family's lifestyle and everyday living expenses or help to pay the mortgage (interest only).

Decreasing Life Insurance - Designed to help protect a repayment mortgage so the amount of cover reduces roughly in line with the way a repayment mortgage decreases. Meaning your loved ones could continue to live in the family home without worrying about the mortgage.

So if you want to provide for your family financially if you die, think about getting life insurance - it really could be worth it, especially for those you would leave behind.

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