How does a mental health condition affect life insurance?

17 July 2018

One in four adults experience mental illness*, so understandably, many people want to know whether mental health affects life insurance applications. So, what are the facts about life insurance and mental health?

What is a mental health condition?

This is a broad description of mental health conditions that can have an impact on our emotional well-being, psychological behavior and mood. It includes common conditions that can affect us all from time to time such as depression, anxiety or stress and rarer problems such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Can you get life insurance with a mental health condition?

Yes, it is possible to get life insurance with a mental health condition, but we will make a decision based on the condition and your recent medical history.

Do people with mental health issues pay more for life insurance?

When customers have told us about their anxiety, depression or stress – or a combination of these – Legal & General have accepted 82.5% of applications at standard rates*. This means there has been no increase to premiums based on medical disclosure.

In more serious cases, we may provide life insurance cover but charge higher premiums to provide you with cover. Unfortunately, there are circumstances where mental health does affect our life insurance eligibility; for example, we’re unable to cover you where there has been a recent increase in the severity of your condition.

*Based on a sample of 3,616 from September 2018

What information do you need to provide?

When you apply, you’ll need to share with us the following information:

  • The name of the condition you’ve been told you have.
  • The date you were diagnosed.
  • Disclosure of hospital admissions and any specialist referrals.
  • The severity and regularity of your symptoms.
  • Information on how it affects your everyday life, such as absences from work.
  • Any medication you take as well as the date you started.

Want to know more?

Mental health services are available through the NHS, but patients may need a referral from their GP beforehand.