In these economic times it's understandable that people start looking to cut back on things. Whilst you may find yourself searching for the cheapest life insurance it's important to understand that cheap life insurance isn't always the best. The most important thing is making sure your life insurance will meet your financial needs if you were to die.

Whilst our life insurance comes with premiums that start from just £6 per month, your own needs and circumstances will determine your premium. However there are things everyone can do in order to help get cheaper life cover for your needs:


We offer a 4% discount on annual premiums


Non-smokers get cheaper life insurance premiums compared to smokers. So, if you quit smoking 12 months or more ago you could benefit from lower life insurance premiums.


By keeping fit and active you could benefit from cheaper premiums because health and lifestyle are both assessed when applying for life insurance.


Life insurance can get more expensive as you get older. If you take out life insurance now you could benefit from cheaper premiums. Find out more about the cost of delaying life insurance.

Our policies include options that allow your cover to adapt with your changing circumstances. Terms and conditions apply

Buy life insurance online today and get your free M&S or gift card! Our online application is easy to complete so why not get a quote today.