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Life insurance

You are forever a parent

The things you do as a parent will last your children's lifetime. Your support and advice will stay with them always - because being a parent doesn't stop when your life does.

We've been asking the nation for the best advice they've ever received, watch our video below to find out more on what they had to share. We've also been hearing real life stories from some of our customers on how life insurance has helped them after life changing events, watch their videos below.

Ageless Advice

twin girls  

We've been asking the nation for the best bits of advice they've ever received. Watch our video and find out more about the words of advice that can make you forever a parent.

7 Key milestones

Little boy animation   

Whether your children are 6 or 60, you'll always be the person they turn to for advice. We've gathered the nations advice from 7 of the key milestones that will make you #ForeverAParent? 

Kay and Ellie's story

Kay and Ellie Bird  

Nobody can predict what the future holds, but Kay and Ellie’s story shows that no matter what, you are forever a parent.

Your advice

Animation of little boy going to   

Visit our Facebook page to read the advice the nation have been sharing #ForeverAParent

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Anxiety in children

Little girl   

Legal & General asked Psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin to explain some of the common anxieties in children and what you can do to help your child worry less.

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Tips for new parents

Father and son   
We have teamed up with some parent bloggers who share their own experiences of being a parent. Al from The Dad Network and Anna, a first time mum give us a few tips on Tech Hacks, Sleep tips and Safety tips for babies and young children. Learn more

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