The advice you give your children today, can last their lifetime and help shape the person they become in the future. Whether it's teaching your younger children about good manners or your grown up ones about relationships and mortgages - your advice will stay with them forever and that's what makes you forever a parent.

We've been asking the nation what's the best advice they've been given.  Hear some of their responses below.

7 times your children will turn to you for advice

Whether your children are 6 or 60 years old, starting school or starting a family of their own, you’ll always be the person they turn to for advice when it comes to life’s big milestones. That’s because you’ll forever be their parent.

In fact, your advice can be so powerful that the right words, said at the right time, can last generations as it’s passed down from parent to child.  

So we asked people of all ages from around the country for the best advice their parents gave them when they needed words of reassurance and support.