Insured Funeral Plan FAQs.

The questions and answers below may help you with the Insured Funeral Plan. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Who can take out a plan?

If you're aged between 50 and 80 and a UK resident, and you reside in the UK for at least 183 days per year, you're guaranteed to be accepted.

Can I cash in my plan?

As the plan has no cash value you will get nothing back if you decide to cancel the plan after the first 30 days. If you cancel the plan within the first 30 days we will refund any premiums paid.

What happens if I die within the first year of starting the plan?

If you die within the first year of the plan from natural causes we will not pay the benefit, but we will return all premiums paid. However, if you die as the result of an accident then the full benefit will be paid. Exclusions and limitations will apply. Please refer to the section titled 'What exactly does accidental death mean' in the Insured Funeral Plan Policy Summary (PDF: 131KB) for more details.

Can I change my mind?

After we have received your application you have 30 days to change your mind. A cancellation notice will be sent once the plan has started confirming your right to cancel. If you decide to cancel your plan we will return any premiums paid. You can cancel your plan after the 30 day cancellation period, but as the plan has no cash value you will not get any money back. 

Who are Dignity?

Dignity are one of the UK's leading providers of funeral services. They have a network of over 630 funeral directors in towns and cities across the UK - many of whom have served their local communities for generations. They ensure all their funeral services are individually arranged and unique to the families concerned.

What is the 'annual review'?

Each year we will review your premiums and benefit to make sure they keep up with the cost of living. 

You can choose to decline the annual review when we write to you each year, but please be aware that if you decline, inflation will reduce the value of your plan. You will not be able to restart the increases later if you decline the review and your plan benefit will remain fixed at the value at that time. 

What is RPI?

The Retail Prices Index (RPI) is used as a measure of inflation. It measures the changing prices of everyday household goods and services like food and energy bills. It shows how the cost of living rises over the years.

If I take out the plan, can I remove the 'charge' if I change my mind?

Yes. If you do, please call us and we will inform Dignity that the 'charge' is to be removed from your plan. In this instance, the plan benefit will be paid to your estate. Dignity will no longer provide the funeral services. Therefore, when you die the plan value may not cover the costs of your alternative funeral arrangements.

Does the plan cover the costs of a traditional burial?

The plan does not guarantee to cover the costs of a burial funeral. It's designed to cover the costs of a traditional cremation funeral. However, we understand that everyone is different and if you prefer to have a burial then the plan will provide a contribution of £1,150 towards the burial costs.

If a burial is your preferred option, the Doctor’ Medical Cremation Certificates, Ministers or Officiant’s fee and the Cremation Fee, referred to as ‘Cremation third party costs’ in the Policy Summary PDF, would not be covered by the plan.

Instead the contribution of £1,150, which will rise in line with inflation, is put towards these costs and other third party costs associated with burial, such as plot fee etc. If the burial third party costs are more than this contribution amount, the difference would need to be paid by your personal representatives at the time.

How will my loved ones find the nearest Dignity funeral director?

When the time comes, your funeral organiser will need to make one phone call to Dignity who will appoint an approved Dignity funeral director. They have a network of over 600 funeral directors around the UK. To contact Dignity please call them on 0800 456 1057 - they are available 24 hours a day. Calls may be recorded and monitored. 

I want to apply online but I'm not sure what my sort code is?

You can usually find your sort code on a bank statement or cheque book. It will usually have six digits in the format of xx-xx-xx. If you still can't find it, call your bank and they will be able to help.

I want to apply online but I'm not sure what my account number is?

You can usually find your account number on a bank statement or cheque book. It will usually have eight digits. If you still can't find it, call your bank and they will be able to help.

If I apply online are my details secure?

We are committed to ensuring that your details are secure. We use the latest secure server software that encrypts (turns into code) all the information you provide us before you send it to us. This means that any information you send us, using our website, stays private and secure whilst it is being sent.

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