How would you pay your bills if you couldn't work?

Have you ever considered what would happen to you or your loved ones if you couldn’t work due to a long-term illness or injury which results in a loss of earnings? How would you cover your outstanding bills or childcare costs?

Our Income Protection Benefit can help you to protect your income as well as your lifestyle. Call our Adviser team on 0800 294 0275 to talk through your options and to receive a personalised quote to fit your needs.

Income Protection Benefit - product overview

  • You'll receive a regular monthly benefit if you can't work due to incapacity caused by an illness, or an injury which results in a loss of earnings

  • Pays out until you return to work, retire, die or your plan ends, whichever happens first

  • Guaranteed premiums unless you make any changes to your plan or if you choose our Increasing Income Protection Benefit Plan
  • Support with our return to work Rehabilitation Support Service

  • Flexibility to make changes such as the benefit amount (eligibility criteria applies)

Important Information

As with all insurance policies, limitations and exclusions apply. For example, this plan does not include unemployment cover and will therefore not pay out if you become unemployed. Tax laws may change which could affect the monthly benefit our plan pays out.

Benefits start after a deferred period.

You should read the  PDF file: Income Protection Benefit Policy Summary PDF PDF size: 1.1MB   for details.