What is Mortgage Life Insurance?

Mortgage Life Insurance is designed to pay out a cash sum to help pay off your mortgage if you die during the length of the policy. Meaning your loved ones could continue to live in the family home without worrying about the mortgage.     

Understanding Mortgage Life Insurance

There are two options when you take out Mortgage Life Insurance with us, to help protect your mortgage:

  • Choose a Life Insurance policy that could pay out a cash sum to help pay off the outstanding mortgage if you die during the length of the policy. The amount of cover you choose will remain the same, unless you make any changes to your policy. 
  • Choose a Decreasing Life Insurance policy, which is designed to help protect a repayment mortgage so the amount of cover reduces roughly in line with the way a repayment mortgage decreases.

Read our article on the difference between Life Insurance and Mortgage Life Insurance.

Mortgage Life Insurance cover starts from as little as £6 per month. Get a quote today to see how much your policy could cost.

Use our calculator to help you decide how much cover you need.

Option to add Critical Illness Cover

You can add Critical Illness Cover for an extra cost when taking out Life or Decreasing Life Insurance. It could pay out a cash sum if you’re diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses that we cover, such as heart attack, cancer and stroke*.

The cash sum could help ease the emotional and financial stress you might feel. It could be used to help with medical treatment, childcare bills or even a big family holiday to help you recover.

*Some types of cancer are not included and to make a claim for some illnesses, you need to have permanent symptoms.

Additional Benefits

Our Mortgage Life Insurance includes Free Life Cover between exchange of contracts and completion of your property purchase, at no additional cost.

It also includes other additional benefits such as Terminal Illness Cover. It could pay out the full amount of cover when life expectancy is less than 12 months. Find out more.

What should I think about when buying Mortgage Life Insurance?

Buying Life Insurance isn’t an everyday purchase. So it’s really important that you take the time to find a policy that you’re entirely comfortable with.

Our article points out the things you need to consider before buying Life Insurance. 

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Important Information

  • This is not a savings or investment product and has no cash value unless a valid claim is made.
  • For Life Insurance, your policy may not completely pay off your outstanding mortgage unless you ensure that your amount of cover is adjusted to match any new mortgage arrangements.
  • For Decreasing Life Insurance you must also check that the interest rate applied to your mortgage does not become higher than the interest rate applied to your policy.
  • Read the Policy Summary (PDF 1.61MB), Policy Booklet (PDF 204KB) and more important information before you apply.

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